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What is your horse telling you about
how it feels when you ride?

Do you know that many
behavioral issues when riding can be
attributed to a saddle that is restrictive or
even painful?

Not only that, but your horse's posture and muscling
are strong indicators for this.

What is so different about these saddles?
HOW can they help you and your horse?

WHY did we know
it was so important to develop them?

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"We had so much trouble finding saddles that did not
make horses uncomfortable, cranky or have difficulty
performing, that we knew we had to design our own."
Linda Parelli

Linda and Pat Parelli are world famous for transforming
difficult horses and teaching thousands of students
how to solve behavioral problems and advance with
their horses in partnership and harmony.

Developing the Parelli saddles became a passion for
them because optimum horse/rider comfort, balance
and performance is impossible without saddle tools
that enhance, not detract from this process. It has
been a massive undertaking, as nothing is given the
Parelli Recommendation without rigorous testing for at
least two years... on a wide variety of horses, under
riders of different disciplines and abilities.

Since 2004, the uniquely shaped foundations of
Parelli saddles have been keys to success for thousands
of horses of a comprehensive range of
breeds/sizes and riders at all levels of achievement.

Choosing the RIGHT SADDLE:
Tips to help you know you've got the RIGHT SIZE

ENGLISH sizing

HYBRID (Cruiser Saddle) sizing

Saddle PADS and SHIMS

Learn how to read your horse's body and know what it
takes to shim and saddle properly for his/her particular back shape.
We'll guide you to optimum performance
and comfort via checklists of basic principles along
with comparative photographic examples of a variety
of horses and shim patterns.

Our saddle systems will help improve your harmonic
riding skills and provide valuable feedback when
things are not right for your horse. We'll show you
how to interpret it and give you great tips for success.
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